Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life Goes On............For Many.

I never thought much about that statement. It is one that is often said and I have used it many times. Alot of times before June 26,2010.

Now it has a different meaning to me. It is actually the most painful statement one can hear when you have lost a child. It is a reality. One that is hard to comprehend. I must admit that if I wasn't in this dreadful position it really would no have as much serious meaning but all in all it is a very real and factual statement. Life does Go on. For me though now it is a bitter thought. And also selfish on my part but I readily admit that. When I lost Jessi on Thanksgiving my world literally stopped. One would expect everyone elses to stop also. But, I remind myself of people that I know have passed before Jessi and realize that my world didn't stop. It is a hard thought to accept. Albiet a selfish one too. Probably only people that read this that have lost a child will actually get what I am saying.
It's hard to see life go on as normal when your stuck trying to find out what your suppose to do now that everything has changed. I would never expect anyone to stop living life, it's just a feeling that is extremely hard to accept but I hope that I can get to a point in my life that it will not be so painful.

I have so many questions that have no answers......I struggle with why some people survive cancer and chemotherapy and some people don't. I might add that I am happy for all the ones that survive. I just wish that I could proclaim Jessi as a survivor. I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. With that being said it makes it even harder to accept that Jessi wasn't granted longer life on earth. I know for a fact there where well over 3000 people praying for Jessi to beat this and survive. So when I hear how God healed some and answered peoples prayers on healing why did He not answers ours. I just don't believe that God picks and chooses who's prayers He is gonna answer and who's He isnt. I believe prayers is a life line to God. But what do you say to someone in a conversation when they tell you "God is so good, He answered prayer and He healed ________" My response naturally is well "He did'nt answer mine" What am I supposed to say??? It is a very awkward and uncomfortable situation for me. I just don't have praise in my heart right now. I still love the Lord without a doubt but I am spiritually drained right now. I have too many questions and not enough answers.

I have learned alot since last June and up until this very moment. I feel that there is no reward here on earth for good behavior. I have seen that with my own eyes this last week. I have seen first hand that the more things you do wrong the better off you are. I have seen people with a blatant disregard for the laws and responsiblity to others have know concious about how their actions and choices affect others. Why do people addicted to drugs have more and more children with those innocent children being born addicted to drugs themselves. And then you have people that would be the greatest parents ever to never be able to have a child. Or to have them and lose them.

I do know the answer to one question......

God did not give Jessi or anyone else cancer......That I do know.....After much thought I have my own theory on cancer. It is another man made tragedy. Chemicals, radiation, pesticides,cigarettes. It's in everything we eat, drink and breath. Cancer is man made. If you don't believe me just do some research on the most recent catastrophe in Japan. There is a direct link of all those people in the danger zone exposed to radiation from the nuclear plant to get cancer and specifically Leukemia. And if that isnt enough man trys to fix it with more poison by way of chemotherapy. Thousands of people everyday including way to many children are diagnosed with cancer. It is one word that no one ever wants to hear......Especially a parent....

In summary, I thought we where doing things right. Raising Jessi in God's Word. (This is the only thing I have no reservations about). Teaching her to save for the future by way of a mutual fund and she would save a good part of her birthday and Christmas money each year and she had a good little savings account that was supposed to be used towards a car when she got her license. We had signed her up for the Florida Prepaid college plan when she was 5. At the age of 10 her college was paid for. A 4-year University of her choice fully paid for.

Of all these things I am most thankful that she knew the Lord. Because if not for that I would have know hope. That is the only thing that gets me through each very long day. And even though I am spiritually drained right now, which I accept full responsibility for, I remind my self everyday what Jessi said her last stay home before she went back into the hospital the very last time. She was very sick, throwing up, and Bud was praying over her and asked God why this was happening and if He wanted to use Jessi to help others he didn't understand how she could do that if she was so sick.
In between throwing up, Jessi looked right at Bud and said to him a statement that is what we hold onto this very day......

"Dad, don't question God".


  1. There is no sense to made out of the loss of a child to this stupid disease. There are a lot of things that don't make sense -- all the relapses that have occurred just this past week, all the ridiculous side effects of the chemo that is supposed to cure them, all the pain and heartache these families experience. We live in a fallen world and because of that, nothing is perfect, nothing goes as planned, we cannot control what does and does not happen to our children. All we can do is stand firm in our faith and wait until that great and final day when we stand in the presence of the only one who can answer all our questions. Continuing to pray for peace that surpasses all understanding for you and Bud. Love you both!!!

  2. Tammy, I couldn't have said it better myself. Bud and Kathi, we love you. We pray for you always!